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SpO2, Universal EMR Interface

  • Electronic reporting
  • Reporting includes Narrative summary and full disclosure
  • Full editing capabilities
  • 24-96 hour recording
  • 3 channel display screen
  • Built-in-networking
  • Prints to default printer or print to an electronic EMR transfer
  • Arrhythmias include;
  • Pauses
  • VE Runs
  • VE Beats
  • Couplets
  • Bigeminys
  • Trygeminys
  • SVE Runs
  • SVE Beats
  • Tachy Runs
  • Tachy Beats
  • Brady Runs
  • Brady Beats
  • Minimum HR
  • Maximum HR
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Patient Events Markers
  • Pacemaker detection
  • Reporting examples of all arrhythmias
  • Extensive training and support
My CardioEquip
PC-Based CardioHolter ECG with an Universal EMR Interface
PC-based Holter ECG.

CardioHolter 24-96 hours

Made in the USA
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Nasiff CardioHolter
Nasiff CardioCard
Nasiff PC-based ECG
Holter EMR