Cardiac Science, MidMark, and Welch Allyn
ECG Medical Devices will cost you additional
connect fees to interface with your EMR.
Interfacing with your EMR. The Nasiff
Universal EMR Interface is the solution for
most healthcare facilities. Nasiff has more
experience than Welch Allyn, and MidMark in
manufacturing PC-based ECG combined
Getting Connected and Staying Connected
Connecting Medical Devices to the 21st Century
We understand todays healthcare facility. Electronic Medical Records
(EMR) are mandatory so Electronic Medical Devices (EMD) need to be
connected with your EMR. For 15 years we have networked computers
with professionals. Connecting your Electronic Medical Devices can be
very costly while carrying monthly or annual fees. We offer solutions
that connect with no monthly or annual fees to your EMR

We have connected ECG, Holter, Stress testing, Spirometry, NIBP,
SPo2, and other Electronic Medical Devices using EMR's; eClinical,
Centricity, NextGen, Amazing Charts, AllScripts, athenaNet, MD Charts,
Practice Fusion and more......
PC-based ECG
PC-based Holter
PC-based Stress Systems
PC-based Vitals including ECG, NIBP & SPo2
PC-based Spirometry
PC-based SPo2
PC-based Monitoring
Connecting Medical Devices
We specialize in networking and securing
your medical devices. Finding solutions
and creating an user friendly work flow.
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Connecting your electronic medical devices will improve your work
flow. We network EMD,s to be compatible with your Electronic Medical
Records. Offering solutions to connect Electronic Medical Devices that
stay connected with your EMR.