eHeart: an introduction to ECG \ EKG
For students, teachers, and other interested persons
Provided for: Individuals who are interested in the subject and
students/teachers in college/university-level courses for introductory
biology, human biology, human anatomy & physiology, physical
education, exercise science, sports medicine, intermediate and
upper-level physiology, pre-medical and beginning medical, as well as
persons involved in training/workshops/seminars for EMT/emergency
and first responders, paramedics, public health, military, fire and
rescue, and veterinary science/technology. It may be used either for
self study, including by persons who are simply curious or out of
concern for their own health, or as a part of actual
courses/seminars/workshops. This web site is a gateway to better
understanding the heart's electrical patterns. Hearts and ECGs are
cool! For more click below

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North Dakota State University
originally published 11/2/2006
last revision: 2/8/2008 [links updated 2/22/2010]

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