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CardioEquip partners with computer-based Medical Device
manufacturers. Connecting your medical devices in the office without
breaking the bank. All the medical devices on this site will connect with
your EMR electronically without paying 1 penny to your EMR.

My CardioEquip can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:
PC-based ECG
PC-based Holter
PC-based Stress ECG
PC-based Vitals
PC-based Spirometry
PC-based SpO2
PC-based NIBP
Universal EMR Interface
At My CardioEquip, we take a proactive approach to medical devices
and EMR's. Our experts stay current on the latest technology so you
don’t have to. We'll identify key planning opportunities that can
minimize both your current and future office needs and help you put
these plans in action throughout the year.

Some free services include:
Free support on your equipment for two years
Free demos
Free Newsletters to keep you informed
Free software upgrades
My CardioEquip
My Services:
   My CardioEquip offers low cost
solutions that stay connected. All
electronic medical devices are
echo friendly
because all
reporting is electronic.